Free tools for marketing pros

We enjoy providing demand generation resources that allow you to improve your own marketing efforts, here are a few of our favorites to help you improve your marketing ROI.



Account Base Marketing is a hot topic, but is important to understand the why before embarking on your own ABM journey. Use this strategy template to define your campaign’s goals and success.

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Email Campaign Report

Knowing your email metrics is one of the pillars of an email with purpose. Use this Email Campaign Report to compare your email results with others in your industry. Are you on track? Or, do you need to step up your game?

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Marketing Budget Calculator

It’s time to create your marketing budget, but you’re not sure where to start. Our Marketing Budget Calculator will help guide you through budget allocation, so you can set your programs up for success.

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Editorial Calendar

Content marketing is powerful, but it can also be overwhelming to maintain. Use this Editorial Calendar to organize all of your blogging and social media content. Become more consistent, productive, and stress-free as you deliver valuable content tailored for your audience. What’s this tool all about?

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Marketing Strategy Calendar

Companies with a solid marketing plan are more successful than those without one. Broken down by the A.C.T. (Awareness, Consideration, Transaction) model, use this calendar to align your business goals with your buyer’s journey all year long. What’s this tool all about?


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Event Campaign Template

The success of any event depends on having a comprehensive marketing strategy in place. Navigate this easy-to-use template, so you can generate new leads and deepen existing relationships at your next event. What’s this tool all about?

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The Demand Map

Meet your marketing goals with better demand generation planning. The Demand Map will help you outline your annual and quarterly goals for key initiatives within your demand generation strategy. What’s this tool all about?


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Sales and Marketing Alignment Template

Having a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a lead scoring model in one place are crucial for every team. From defining MQL’s to dividing up responsibilities, take the guesswork out of your lead generation efforts with this template. What’s this tool all about?

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Webinar Promotion Checklist

Solid planning and management separate successful webinars from the rest. Every step counts—months leading up to the big day and afterward. Make sure you’re ready to go for your next webinar with this promotion checklist. What’s this tool all about?


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Lead Funnel

Even the best technology is not a substitute for a well-defined process. Use this Sales and Marketing Lead Funnel as a guide to ensure you’re answering the questions that can provide strategic insights to drive key business initiatives.


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Marketing Automation Scorecard

Start using your marketing automation system to its full potential. Use this scorecard to self audit your tool and help identify key areas to optimize your utilization. What’s this tool all about?


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Nurture Campaign Template

Use this fully-tested automation nurture campaign template to build an effective lead nurture campaign in your marketing automation system.  The design helps you to deliver content around your buyer’s top three pain points and ensures you’re sending the right content for each stage of the A.C.T. buying cycle (Awareness, Consideration, Transaction). What’s this tool all about?


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CSS Button Generator

Want to jazz up your boring call to action buttons? Use our free CSS Button Generator to easily create a unique button that can be inserted into your own design.


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On-Demand Webinar: Creating Killer Emails and Email Templates

While the popularity of email hasn’t changed, the way people consume email has. In this On-Demand webinar, our own Account Director Bill Kent, who is part of Act-On’s Professional Services Team, will show you tried-and-true best practices for getting your emails opened and clicked. Check out the webinar.


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