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Triple the Sales Pipeline and Closed More Deals

The Challenge

Wellpartner is the largest independent provider of Contract Pharmacy program services in the nation. To further their dominate market position, Wellpartner wanted to accelerate their 340B product adoption through a highly targeted direct marketing and sales approach.

With an aggressive growth target, Wellpartner needed a demand generation partner who understood how to build and execute a target-account marketing strategy.

The Solution

Wellpartner engaged Response Capture to help create a target-account demand generation program. Once engaged, Wellpartner and Response Capture created a target-account strategy that included building a database of key contacts at target-accounts; creating multiple strong offers to engage the buyer roles; as well as a multi-step process to generate prospect interest.

The joint account strategy created with Wellpartner included:

  1. Building a database of multiple contacts per account (to increase awareness within each target-account);
  2. Tailoring communications to what would be perceived as most relevant based on the contact role;
  3. Ensuring all media/calls to action led to Wellpartner’s online conversion point where content was positioned to advance the buying decision.

Additionally, to understand the early indicators of success, Response Capture constructed a demand generation forecast. This forecast was used to evaluate the demand generation campaign results, and determine the appropriate campaign efforts necessary to achieve the desired goal.

The Results

With the target-account engagement strategy; database of multiple contacts per account; and focused execution, Wellpartner was able to:

  1. Lower their marketing expenses while increasing probability of success by only spending time on pre-selected key accounts and contacts;
  2. Increase visits to their online conversion point by 500%;
  3. Build a pipeline of 12 high-probability opportunities;
  4. Close four deals in the final quarter (a 33% close rate).

Due to the success of this highly targeted direct marketing and sales approach, Wellpartner continues to leverage the same approach in their other marketing efforts.

Robert Judge
EVP Wellpartner Contract Pharmacy Services

“Focusing our efforts on a narrowly defined group of accounts with multiple contacts at each was our key to success. Working together with Response Capture we avoided a scatter-shot approach and wasted circulation. Instead, we tripled our sales prospect pipeline and closed more than a dozen new accounts this year. Twice the rate of last year.”