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Increase Engagement with Ongoing Drip Program

The Challenge

Within Northwest Analytics’ install base of customers, there are additional buying centers that can purchase their products. They believed if they could identify new locations at some of their key accounts, they could take advantage of the power of their marketing automation platform to effectively engage these new sites.

The Solution

Response Capture analyzed Northwest Analytics’ key accounts and determined the total number of site locations. After prioritizing the locations, new contacts were acquired. Response Capture then outlined and built an ongoing drip campaign to educate and advance prospects through the buying process.

The Results

Sending automated emails based on the respondent’s interactions, instead of the typical batch-and-blast method, showed an increasing rate of engagement through each email. The first offer of a resource kit resulted in a 9.26% open rate, the second offer of an on-demand webinar resulted in a 13.93% open rate, followed by the third offer of requesting a product trial that resulted in a 46.52% open rate.

The best part has been the email marketing playbook that Response Capture built for Northwest Analytics to follow. Northwest Analytics continues to leverage the email nurturing program with additional segments, many times seeing double-digit click-through rates, and resulting in a continuous stream of qualified leads for the sales team.