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Fill the Sales Pipeline in Less Time

The Challenge

iovation provides online fraud and abuse management services for online businesses. With online fraud growing by 20% each year, iovation saw an increasingly important market that they wanted to quickly penetrate. As such, iovation engaged Response Capture to identify target companies and fraud decision makers within six growing online markets: internet dating, online gaming, online gambling, social networking, eCommerce, and financial services.

The Solution

Initially, Response Capture assessed iovation’s existing market coverage within each industry segment to determine where to focus marketing and sales efforts. From this effort, Response Capture identified 3,000+ targets. Of which only 25% were in iovation’s sales force automation system, and less than 1% were current iovation customers.

Once the target companies were identified, iovation wanted to gather multiple fraud decision maker contacts for each target company and profile information to evaluate the revenue opportunity for each market segment.

To address this challenge, Response Capture partnered with an outbound telemarketing firm to gather the key contacts in the United States, United Kingdom, Caribbean, Netherlands, and Ireland.

The Results

Response Capture delivered over 1000 net-new decision makers into iovation’s sales force automation system. Because of this, iovation closed a significant transaction in two months. Resulting in an initial ROI that more than paid for the campaign; and opened 20 sales opportunities worth over $500k in pipeline revenue.

Connie Gougler
Marketing Director iovation, Inc.

“Within the first two months we closed a deal that paid for the entire project and we have several other leads from the project in our current pipeline. Response Capture is a truly professional organization that delivers results”