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ABM Program Boosts Sales Pipeline with Many Opportunities

The early stages of Response Capture’s relationship with hubbub began with Salesforce consulting. Response Capture configured their new instance and helped them implement it by training the employees on how to use it.

But quickly, hubbub needed to start generating new business. So they engaged Response Capture to develop a comprehensive account based marketing strategy that would deliver ROI for an upcoming event.

Since then, hubbub and Response Capture have become close partners, helping with marketing and sales strategy, lead generation programs of all types, marketing automation implementation, building lead nurture programs and sales enablement.

This unique partnership continues to grow. Response Capture enjoys working with the friendly folks at hubbub who deliver a positive “Return on Wellness.”

The Challenge

Credit unions are one of hubbub’s key customer verticals. To spread the word about their wellness platform, and acquire new customers in this key segment, hubbub sponsored the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) largest tradeshow, the CUNA HR/TD Council. hubbub needed to create buzz to bring visitors to their booth, but they were also hosting a separate dinner event that they wanted to generate registrations for.

The Solution

Because credit unions are a collegial group, Response Capture’s messaging strategy wasn’t about ROI or health insurance premiums. It was about making things personal.

Response Capture’s playbook included a multi-faceted strategy:


  • A multi-touch email campaign sharing personal wellness success stories to drive interest in visiting the hubbub booth.
  • Social media promotion, including twitter promotion with event hashtag.
  • Dinner invitations to HR directors from target accounts, with personal messaging that felt fun and exclusive, and promised the opportunity to learn about wellness from their peers.

During the Event

  • At the dinner event, they gathered people into groups and asked them to write down, “What’s your biggest wellness quandary?”
  • To drive people to the booth, hubbub did a giveaway of a FitBit, a fitness tracker that is compatible with their wellness platform.
  • They continued Twitter promotion with real-time updates.
  • Booth visitors received same-day thank you emails.

Post-Event (Within 1 Week)

  • All booth registrants were loaded into a four-touch email nurture program. This included an opportunity to join a special CUNA wellness challenge on hubbub’s platform that would help them de-stress.
  • All qualified booth visitors and dinner attendees were invited to a unique roundtable discussion to hear how other HR directors would address the “biggest wellness quandaries” that people shared.
  • A private demo of hubbub’s wellness platform was also performed for 10 prospects who expressed interest in learning more.

The Results

From a list of approximately 130 HR professionals in attendance, Response Capture helped fill the room for hubbub, reaching the dinner space capacity of 50 reservations. Booth traffic was high and engagement with hubbub was steady throughout the event.

In all, the CUNA event helped generate 25 opportunities in Salesforce, with seven of them resulting in closed won new business for hubbub.

Response Capture also used the wellness quandaries survey responses to build a new “Top 5 Wellness Quandaries” asset. This content was then repurposed for a credit union specific email nurture program that helped generate an additional 53 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and dozens of new Salesforce opportunities.

Tiffini Mueller
Director of Marketing, hubbub

“Working with Response Capture was one of the best agency partnerships I’ve ever experienced. Their group of experts really understood where we needed to go and how to get us there. It was as if we’d hired an additional employee on our team, only with several brains and many areas of expertise.”