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Landing Page Testing to Improve Conversions

The Challenge

The leading EDA technology company was regularly doing email campaigns to third party databases to generate new prospects for their sales team. They wanted to find a way to optimize the number of new customers these programs acquired, as well as the amount of information that could be gathered from each new prospective customer. Traditionally, they had directed these prospects to landing pages with lengthy forms, leading to friction for the visitor. They were looking for ways they could increase conversions while still capturing all the profile information needed to ensure that they were sending qualified prospects to their sales team.

The Solution

To learn if they could capture more profile registrations, Response Capture proposed executing a conversion optimization test. The test would be to see if there was an increase in full profile conversions using a series of progressive profiling landing pages over time, versus a long form landing page that attempted to capture everything on the initial visit. The first landing page only asked for the respondent’s email address in exchange for a whitepaper; they were then directed to a second landing page that asked for additional profile information in exchange for another valuable resource (i.e. a two-step profiling approach). The control for the test was a landing page with all the form fields initially presented that had to be filled out by the respondent all-at-once in order to receive one free whitepaper.

The Results

Response Capture realized a 37% boost in conversion rate with the two-step approach versus the single long form landing page that presented all the fields at once. We also uncovered that if we only asked for email on the first landing page, conversions rose by an additional 47%, giving them more new customers they could continue to engage in future lead nurturing campaigns.