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The Challenge

Attensa helps their customers become better informed in less time through a new breed of information management systems. Attensa had some early success with the information-intense legal market and wanted to leverage these early successes to attain more customers that fit the profile of an “ideal” target.

The Solution

Attensa engaged Response Capture to assist in sizing and targeting prospects. Response Capture analyzed the size and composition of law firms in these target markets; and with this information Attensa was able to segment prospects to achieve the desired product-market fit.

After prioritizing the ideal market for Attensa, Response Capture created a multi-step demand generation/sales process to be executed that included:

  1. A custom list building effort to identify the “ideal” law firm and the primary influencers and decision makers for information management systems.
  2. A focused outbound telephone and email effort that shared how other law firms were saving time through more efficient means of aggregation and delivery of critical information.
  3. Scheduled discovery calls with the influencers and decisions makers at each firm with an Attensa consultant.

This approach helped to build a targeted list of 200 firms and multiple key contacts at each target law firm.

The Results

As a result of the focused targeting effort and Attensa’s knowledge of the audiences’ interests the initial outbound email campaign had a 30% open rate and a 36% click rate for more information. From a sales perspective, the lead generation campaign has resulted in 22 sales opportunities for Attensa, with 5 high probability deals.

Charlie Davidson
CEO, Attensa

“Response Capture helped us focus our demand generation activities on the most promising opportunities and create targeted campaigns that drove growth in our sales pipeline.”