impersonal email

The Little Things That Undermine Email Personalization

No matter how long we’ve been using marketing automation systems, one thing is certain—we are always unearthing new learnings. Sometimes these appear by accident, though often we are searching for solutions and enhancements to make our nurture programs better. There…

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content manager

RC Team Spotlight: Britt

In our RC Team Spotlight series, we learn more about a team member by sitting down with them and asking a few questions. Strangely, this month I got to interview myself. So hi, I’m Britt Skrabanek, the Content Manager at Response…

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marketing automation data

So You Want to Be a CRM Data Whisperer

As someone who has been widely exposed to the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation Systems (MAS), there is one recurring motif I see. Very few people know what they’re doing with either system. fI’m a firm…

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victoria zachary

RC Team Spotlight: Victoria

In our RC Team Spotlight series, we interview one of our own to get to know them better. This month meet our fantastic Art Director, Victoria Zachary. What does an Art Director do all day? I’m responsible for establishing the visual…

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social media calendar

The One Editorial Calendar Every Content Marketer Needs

Before I became a Content Manager, I was a “fly by the seat of my pants” type of gal when it came to blogging and social media. I was reckless, aimless, and spontaneous, because I did it for fun. I…

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sales enablement purpose

Sales Enablement: 4 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Team Sane

It seems like sales enablement is flying around everywhere these days, right? The term is pretty broad, covering everything from onboarding processes to sales training, from marketing operations to technology. Regardless of the bouquet of sales enablement definitions out there,…

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sales process

Sales Stack Technologies That Enable Proactive Sales Teams

Long left on the technology sidelines, sales professionals are beginning to enjoy the benefits of sales technology tools that enable teams to implement predictable sales processes. This set of sales enablement tools is collectively being referred to as the “Sales…

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attribution model

You Need a Multi-Touch Attribution Model in a Big Way

How many touches does it take to make a sale? Wait, don’t go. You’ve heard that question too many times and it just sent you over the edge, didn’t it? Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s start over. At the end of…

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kitten email sample

Ditch the Blah Sales Email. It’s Time to Get Cute.

When it comes to cold emailing, how far would you go to get a response? Would you follow your lead to the end of the earth? Would you do a song and dance for them? Would you send them kittens?…

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project manager

RC Team Spotlight: Manu

In our RC Team Spotlight series, we go behind the scenes and get to know a team member a little better. Up this month…our awesome Engagement Manager, Manu Grossi. What does a Project Manager do all day? Project Managers at RC…

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