PIN v. PURL – Secure Personalization or Not?

If you are a marketer, chances are you’ve already faced this dilemma on at least a couple of occasions.  It’s a question that has all marketing folk debating over best practices and which is better to use on their landing…

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Improve Your Campaign Results: 8 Tips to Building a High Conversion List

40% of your marketing campaign success depends on the quality of your targets list. So how do you make sure that you’ve got a quality asset ready to support your marketing campaign need? To help, we’ve outlined 8 simple steps…

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How You Can Sell Almost Anything

We talked about the importance of landing pages in our blog, The Secret to Increasing Your Response Rate. So you now know what a landing page is, but do you know how to make it get results? The Data Marketing…

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The Secret to Increasing Your Response Rates

In professional football, the team with the highest conversion rate wins more games, sells more tickets, and pays their players more than the team who does not convert. The same holds true with marketing. Marketers who convert at a higher…

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Ruby Slippers: The Wizard of Offers…Click, Click

White papers, case studies, podcasts…oh my! So many to choose from, so little time. Problem: The yellow brick road is a dead end a.k.a your marketing offers are not bringing you any responses. There are numerous marketing offers used to…

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What is the Value of Stale Bread?

Stale bread is the best thing on earth…if you’re a duck that is. If you’re like the rest of us homo-sapiens, stale bread is worthless and instead a waste of money. Have your marketing offers become stale? If so, go…

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How to Find More High Profit Clients

When analyzing the sales of your business do you find that the 80/20 rule applies? 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Or 80% of your profit margin comes from 20% of your clients? Conversely, what about…

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