Database Management

The Differences Between Vertical and Horizontal Market Lists

Do you focus on one industry or multiple for selling your product? Both strategies are great – but when it comes to custom list building you’ll be looking at two very different business contact lists. What does a vertical list…

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Off The Shelf Lists vs. List Building

Sometimes we get questions about what the difference is between “Off the Shelf” lists and “List Building.” Well, we’ve got some answers. If you are new to the world of list building, you might want to first check out this…

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Keep the Finance Department Happy by Using Lifetime Value Analysis

Do you like hitting exactly the right target when it comes to your customer acquisition tactics? We do too. From a list-building standpoint, this means aiming straight for the center of the bulls eye by using targeted lists. Customer acquisition…

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How to Build a List without an Offer or Landing Page

Your inbox is likely full.  Mine is as well.  There is a ton of great content waiting for us.  We could spend the entire week reading the whitepapers, webcasts, and attending virtual events without making a bit of progress toward…

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How to Grow Your Marketing Database – Build, Buy, or Rent?

At some point in our lives we all have a financial decision to make regarding where to live. Most of us gravitate towards the American dream of home ownership; however, is buying the best option?  The decision is personal. Similarly, we…

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Is 2O Webinar Attendees a Success?

A friend called me today to share results from a recent webinar program.  I was excited to hear how the program performed because I had shared some of my learning’s from a landing page optimization course when she was in the…

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Improve Your Campaign Results: 8 Tips to Building a High Conversion List

40% of your marketing campaign success depends on the quality of your targets list. So how do you make sure that you’ve got a quality asset ready to support your marketing campaign need? To help, we’ve outlined 8 simple steps…

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How to Find More High Profit Clients

When analyzing the sales of your business do you find that the 80/20 rule applies? 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Or 80% of your profit margin comes from 20% of your clients? Conversely, what about…

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