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[VIDEO] What to Look Forward to at #MKTGnation 2O16

Written by in Campaign Optimization on April 15, 2016

In this video, RC’s Account Director, Ronnie Duke, and Engagement Manager, Allison Rick, get ready to take over Vegas for Marketo Summit 2016.

Instead of the usual “what we’re looking forward to” pre-Summit blog post, we sat down with Ronnie and Allison to hear what they had to say.

From ABM to a chandelier bar, this year’s #MKTGnation in Las Vegas is going to be action-packed. On an excitement scale of one to blackjack, we definitely have to say…blackjack!

Marketo Summit’s Content Marketing Favorites

No marketing conference is complete without seeing our content marketing favorites. At Marketo Summit, we’re excited to see Ann Handley of MarketingProfs and Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute talking about all things content marketing—the heart of what our audience sees and hears.

On another note, we are very excited to hear Will Smith speak about his journey. His amazing work ethic and career track record are inspiring for many of us.

Hands-On Learning at University Day

A day at Marketo University is jam-packed with the skills and techniques we all want, to grow in our digital marketing careers. They have a ton of great courses where the speakers get into the Marketo instance to show the execution side of various topics.

It’s always helpful for people to see how things come together, rather than talk about them conceptually, so we’re excited for some hands-on learning at University Day.

ABM is a Key Trend This Year

Account Based Marketing continues to be a hot topic in the marketing world, and it seems to be a key theme at Marketo Summit this year. ABM isn’t a new concept, but it’s been top of mind for a lot of marketers lately.

One of the sessions we’re really looking forward to is ABM Success Path – Infrastructure & Campaign Secrets Unveiled. Co-hosted by Charlie Liang from BigPanda and Marketo champion, Josh Hill, we’re ready to explore ABM tactics in Marketo to jumpstart our campaign efforts.

A Lot of Talk About the Utilization of Marketo

Marketo has been growing like crazy and a lot of marketers are going to be in their second or third year of using their MAP. The question for most Marketo users will be: How do we really maximize the platform to make our marketing work?

The answer will mean looking at the different software solutions that users have and getting a holistic view.

That’s why the session with Jay Famico of SiriusDecisions talking about The State of Marketing Automation is going to be a good one.

We’re really interested to hear what he has to say about where everyone is at, how to choose a platform and start that process, or evolve in that process if they are already seasoned marketing automation users.

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What Happens in Vegas

Allison’s Vegas recommendations: Lavo Italian Restaurant at The Venetian and The Chandelier (true story…it’s a bar in a chandelier!) at The Cosmopolitan.

Ronnie’s Vegas pick: Gordon Ramsay Burgr at Planet Hollywood.

It’s going to be an awesome week with tons of great content! If you see Ronnie and Allison, come say hi, grab a drink, and play some cards.

What are you guys looking forward to at this year’s Marketo Summit?


Britt Skrabanek About the author: Britt Skrabanek

As a Freelance Writer and Content Strategist, Britt strives to help businesses reimagine their content strategy and revive their brand awareness. Through education, engagement, and energy, she believes content marketing can make a genuine impact. A wordsmith with a passion for marketing, Britt is currently working on her fourth novel. Connect with Britt on LinkedIn.


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